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Specialist in Audiovisual Translation


Hello ~ Guten Tag ~ Bonjour, 

I'm Kristopher Brame.

I am an accomplished linguist, specializing in German and French. I have completed many translation, editing, subtitling and interpreting projects. With a degree in translation, professional work experience and immersion in the German and French cultures through my studies and travels, I am a qualified translator with the skills to help you with your translation needs.

What Can I Do For You?

Accurate and reliable service from a responsive and trusted translator are qualities you can expect from me. I mainly work from German and French to English and offer the services listed below. Are you looking for something else? Don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to let you know if I can handle your project.


Translation is the creation of a new text communicating meaning from one language (the source language) to another language (the target language). I translate from German to English and French to English.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing is the process of checking a translation against its source text for meaning, accuracy and consistency to improve the quality of the translation.

Proofreading focuses only on the translation to look for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors or any unintended mistakes. I only offer this service in English.


Subtitles are translated texts that appear on screen in videos. I can also create monolingual captions in English.


Interpreting is a spoken translation between two parties speaking different languages. I offer on-site and virtual interpreting services.


Transcription is the creation of a text from recorded audio. I only offer this service in English.

US Localization

Localization is the process of adapting a product to a local market. I can localize your documents and digital content to ensure cultural understanding in the US market. This includes other variants of English into US English.

What my clients
have to say about me


We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Kris now for a few years, and at APlus Translations Inc. (translation agency based in Vancouver, Canada) we only accumulated great comments about Kris’ translation work. Always excellent quality translations and delivered on time. What else can a translation agency ask for? Oh, yes! Kris is very pleasant to work with, enthusiastic and passionate of his work, and he walks the extra mile to get it well done. So, if you are looking for a great FR to EN translator in the subjects Kris presents his expertise, our recommendation is that you can stop searching as you already found it with Kris.

Albert Trullas Capell

Project Manager 

Aplus Translations

Kris is an excellent translator and editor who works well as part of a translation team. His attention to detail, prompt response to communication, and flexibility assure our team of his dependability. Various translators he has been paired with have provided consistently high marks on quality evaluations as well. His friendly, approachable demeanor is a big plus!

Una Hartzell-Baird

Director of Translation

LUNA Language Services

Kris is very responsive, inquisitive and responsible and it is a joy to work with him. He delivers his translations on time in very good quality. He is also a good subtitler.

Tomáš Hnyk



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